Amman, Jordan Receives ‘Diversity & Inclusivity’ Award by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel picks for 2021

Jordan Tourism Board launched "Breathe" summer campaign in the GCC market; promoting the Kingdom as the best tourist destination by encouraging Arabs and foreigners alike who reside in the GCC to visit Jordan during summer and explore its richness and diversity.

Upon launching the campaign, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nayef Al-Fayez stated the unique tourism potentials the Kingdom possesses, stressing that Jordan is a safe, diverse and rich tourist destination preferred by Gulf tourists, thanks to the security and safety they feel during their stay, not to mention their positive impression of Jordan as a country. The Minister also stated that Jordan took immediate action to abide by the health protocols and safety measures against COVID-19 to protect tourists, the tourism sector and its workforce alike.

Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board, said: “We endured two exhausting years as the epidemic escalated, a matter that had an immediate negative effect on tourism in the Kingdom. Returning to life as we knew it became a dream that everyone was yearning to live once more- yearning to travel and enjoy life by land, sea and air, yearning to feel alive again, hence the name of our campaign “Breathe.” This is an excellent and timely opportunity to promote Jordan as an attractive tourism destination that adheres to health and safety measures against COVID-19, where people can enjoy life and just breathe…”

Moreover, Arabiyat stated that the campaign is appealing to the GCC target audience as Jordan is a destination for family tourism, which is preferred by the Gulf tourist, in addition to the beauty of the weather and the diversity of the tourism sector Jordan has to offer.

“Breathe” campaign is a step of many that Jordan Tourism Board as well as the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities are initiating in order to restore the tourism industry in Jordan to its pre-COVID-19 era.